Facts About Reusable Menstrual Cups

28 Feb

There has been a lot of campaign on environmental conservation. People are trying to reduce in any way how ecological footprints caused by them can affect the environment. Every month women have their monthly flow known as menstrual flow. During this time they use sanitary towels or tampons to help in holding this fluid, and they discard the used pads. These pads have an effect on the environment that is negative. Therefore there has been the discovery, introduction to the market and use of washable menstrual cups by women all over. These cups can also be referred to reusable menstrual cups.

These are bell-shaped cups that are used to collect, menses. They are used only when one is having their periods. The cup is inserted into the vagina just like one would do a tampon. These cups do not absorb the period. Instead, it holds it and prevents it from leaking. It is held there until the one wearing it is ready to remove it. These cups are said to carry twice the amount of fluid a regular tampon or sanitary towel can hold. These cups due to their ability to carry much fluid they are used by women who have very active lifestyles. These are lifestyles where getting a break is very hard. They can be marathons, a woman who is busy from meeting to meeting. Know more about menstruation at https://www.huffingtonpost.com/Greatist/these-5-gifs-show-how-men_b_12851636.html.

These cups at reusablemenstrualcup.com are made from different materials. They can be latex or latex-free silicone that is hypoallergenic. You need to buy a reusable cup that is great for your body type. Some people are allergic to latex and can use that hypoallergenic silicone cup. Such a cup will prevent adverse effects like irritation or during sensations when using such a cup. They come in different sizes from 40mm to around 45mm regarding width. The lengths can be up to 55mm from 36mm.These cups are known to hold menses from 13mml to approximately 30ml.

These cups are very economical to the use it. You do not have to buy a new Reusable Menstrual Cup every year. They are known to last up to 10 years depending on the material and your maintenance. One can change them depending on the change in your vagina size. These cups can be washed after use to keep them hygienic. You can use some cleaning substances that are specifically recommended for them. It is advisable that you boil it after use to ensure that they are left hygiene and safe for use.

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